The TRIPOM team are dedicated to the development of excellent educational resources for perioperative medicine


John Whittle

Director . US


I've been interested in perioperative medicine since I was an house officer in orthopaedics in 2004. Since then anaesthetic and ICU training, a research fellowship and a perioperative medicine fellowship have only increased my desire to improve outcomes for the surgical patient. This motivated me to found TRIPOM with Sam Bampoe. I am currently an assistant professor at Duke University Medical School, working in critical care medicine and anesthesiology.

Bridger Bach

Chair . US


Robin Schiller

Vice-Chair . US


Tara Lenk

Faculty Mentor

Tara is proud to be one of the current Perioperative Medicine Fellows in the Department of Anesthesiology at Duke University in the US. She will soon be taking a job at a large community hospital where she plans to implement the core principles of perioperative medicine into a large local population in Western North Carolina. Her fellowship research project this year focuses on a mixed-methods review of a preoperative program at Duke that facilitates aggressive care for uncontrolled diabetic patients prior to non-cardiac surgery. The Anesthesia Residency at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan provided her with a strong background clinical background that she continues to expand as a young physician. Originally from Colorado, she enjoys cooking, outdoor activities and spending time with her young son and husband.

Nasir Khatri

Committee member

Nasir is a CA-1 at UNC Hospitals. His interest in perioperative medicine began during his intern year. Rotating between internal medicine and surgery, he found managing patients in the perioperative period to be one of the most satisfying experiences. Whether it was optimising patients from a cardiac standpoint or working alongside chronic pain physicians to help devise a pain treatment plan to keep chronic pain patients as comfortable as possible in the perioperative period, caring for patients in this manner gave him an unparalleled feeling of personal and professional satisfaction. He looks forward to working alongside his TRIPOM colleagues in the next few years to share our enthusiasm for perioperative medicine with others.