Current fellowships within Perioperative Medicine

Broomfield Hospital

Perioperative Care and High Risk Surgery

Broomfield Hospital is in Essex and has one of the few non-London fellowships. It has been running for over four years.

Year long position available with clinical focus. Time allocated to pre-assessment with own clinics and CPET. High risk surgical cases, (upper GI, colorectal, advanced urology, vascular, and gynecology) with robotic lists well established and dedicated IR theatre within main theatre block. Time for research and projects is available within this enthusiastic department.

The perioperative department serves nearly 400,000 people and is set to manage the entire mid-Essex region as perioperative lead.

CPET is well established and is listed as a positive outlier in the PQIP database for our performance in this area.

Education in Perioperative Medicine
Lead – Al Hughes

Current Consultants:

Ben Maddison

Christopher Wright

Ronan Fenton

David O'Hara

Niven Akotia

Al Hughes

Daniel Bell

Contact Sarj Sothisrihari for further details;

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