Selected educational podcasts from experts in perioperative medicine


13 March 2013

UCL – Introduction to Acid Base Physiology and Arterial Blood Gases

A podcast which looks at basic acid-base physiology and how to interpret and arterial blood gas report.

13 March 2013

UCL – Managing Airway Obstruction

How to manage acute airway compromise.

1 March 2013

BJA – Perioperative medicine: the future of anaesthesia?

Dr Rupert Pearce talks about the ideas and concepts behind the rapidly evolving speciality of peri-operative medicine. Dr Pearce and Dr Thomas discuss why a speciality service is required and what it may look like, how it will benefit patients and most importantly for anaesthetists, who will be running it.

March 2013 || Volume 110 - Issue 3 || 16 Minutes

6 December 2012

UCL – Conduct of Anaesthesia

A podcast from the UCL Centre for Anaesthesia about the conduct of anaesthesia.

6 December 2012

UCL – Recognising the Critically Ill Patient

A podcast from the UCL Centre for Anaesthesia on recognising the signs of critical illness.

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