Selected educational podcasts from experts in perioperative medicine


19 November 2013

UCL – An Introduction to Pain Pathways and Mechanisms

This podcast is based on the article 'An Introduction to Pain Pathways and Mechanisms' which can be found on the UCL Centre for Anaesthesia medical students webpage

6 November 2013

UCL – Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing for Patients

This is a podcast on cardio pulmonary exercise testing (CPEx). Doctors refer certain patients who are expecting surgery to have a CPEx test. The podcast aims to prepare patients for the test.

21 July 2013

UCL – Things I Wish I'd Known Before Starting Clinical Medicine

A UCL Centre for Anaesthesia podcast from a young doctor about the things he wish he'd known before starting clinical medicine.

5 July 2013

UCL – Anaesthetic pre-operative assessment and the pre-operative visit

An enhanced podcast covering anaesthetic pre-assessment and visual tour of the UCLH anaesthetic chart.

13 May 2013

UCL – Mechanisms of Acute Pain

A podcast from the UCL Centre for Anaesthesia reviewing acute pain and the mechanisms of pain.

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