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6 December 2013

UCL – Inotropes, Vasopressors & Shock

This is a part of the podcast series published by UCL Centre of Anaesthesia for medical students.

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5 December 2013

UCL – Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing: Setup

This podcast details the preparations necessary to conduct a cardio pulmonary exercise test.

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21 November 2013

UCL – Introduction to Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Testing

This is an introductory guide to looking at the results of a Cardiopulmonary Exercise Test (CPEX, CPET).

20 November 2013

UCL – Prescribing Analgesia for the Surgical Patient

An introduction for medical students to what and how to prescribe analgesia for patients after surgery.

20 November 2013

UCL – Fluid Therapy

UCL Centre for Anaesthesia

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