Selected educational podcasts from experts in perioperative medicine


8 March 2018

UCL – An Introduction to Anaesthesia

A short introduction for medical students about anaesthesia. We outline the overall process a patient having surgery undergoes from the perspective of anaesthesia.

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8 March 2018

Top Med Talk – Journal Club The Fedora trial

Professor Monty Mythen’s full presentation regarding ‘the FEDORA trial’.

This piece was originally presented during the Third Annual Quality Improvement Leadership Forum, 2018, at the Union League Club in Philidelphia. The trial looked at the effect of goal-directed haemodynamic therapy on postoperative complications in low?moderate risk surgical patients: a multicentre randomised controlled trial (FEDORA trial).


27 March 2017

UCL – Blood Transfusion Podcast

What is the purpose of blood transfusions? What are some of the common pitfalls that anaesthetists encounter. Narrated by Dr Viv Hannon.

14 April 2016

UCL – Critical Care Podcast: Shortness of Breath

Unsure as to how to approach an acutely unwell patient? In this series work through a patient scenario, interpret investigations, and work out a differential diagnosis for acute breathlessness after surgery

1 March 2016

BJA – Perioperative Medicine: today, tomorrow and the future of teamworking

There has been an increasing realisation that the majority of complications from high risk surgeries are not due to technical failings in either the operating theatre or anaesthetic room, but from medical complications occurring out on the wards. 'Failure to rescue' has become part of critical care lexicon and with it, an awareness of the financial burden associated with treating morbidity associated with high risk surgeries. Over the last three years there has been an explosion of interest in perioperative medicine both as a solution to this problem and as a means to improving the quality of surgical care experienced by all patients.

March 2016 || Volume 116 - Issue 3 || 25 Minutes

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